'Busy Bee' community service

'Busy Bee' Culture of Community Service

When people in Como were talking about the 'Busy Bee Deli', there were two things they always said. "Gem and his family are really nice people," and "He always remembers me, my name, and what I like."

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arson police

A terrible crime against a hardworking family

The night of the blaze, Tuesday, 13 October 2015, Gem left the shop as per usual, at around 8:10pm. 3 hours later, Gem received a phone call from a regular customer who lives next door to the shop.

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History of the 'Busy Bee Deli'

Gautam ‘Gem’ Gautam bought the Busy Bee Deli on 9 May 2014. At that time, the shop was fairly run down by its previous owner, a single mom without staff. When Gem took over, customers suddenly noticed a lot of positive changes.

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Crowd Funding

Help making things right

Busy Bee Deli Arson Appeal
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Western Australia, 6152

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