The local MLA, who took a strong interest, said that there was no public funding for this case. Arson attack victims rely solely on insurance and charity.

Gem, who had invested all his savings in buying, renovating and stocking his shop, and had reinvested all profits ever since, was only insured for a mere $30,000, the maximum any Australian insurance company would cover him for, based on the size of his shop. That was $150,000 less than what it was worth.

The MLA suggested crowdfunding due to the strong community support for the Busy Bee. Due to the urging of their customers not to give up, Gem is aiming to raise the $150,000 of damage in stock and fittings, plus another $50,000 for loss of gross profit since the fire broke out. The funds are intended to make the Busy Bee Deli rise from the ashes like a phoenix, even bigger and better this time.

Gem and Rose cannot wait to get back to serving their community. They know exactly how much they are missed. They still receive emails, almost daily, from customers who wish back their friendly service and their happy smiles.

Gem and Rose miss the tradies who pop by every day for their robust lunches. They miss the office girls picking up their healthy snacks. They miss the social interactions with the people from the neighborhood and their gratefulness for the convenience Busy Bee Deli used to provide.

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