The South Perth Bridge Club is located just across the road from the Busy Bee Deli. Soon after taking over the shop, the club members started dropping by to buy things like drink, food and snacks. Whenever the kitchen of the club ran out of groceries such as milk, sugar and tea, they just walked across to Gautam and bought it from him. It was just easier for them.

Blend Design is located around the corner from the Busy Bee Deli. Scott, the owner, is very hard working and a regular customer. He appreciates the convenience of quickly popping in, to buy whatever groceries he needs while at work. Thanks to the long Busy Bee Deli opening hours, he never found the doors of the shop closed.

When Gautam moved from Queensland to Western Australia, because his wife Roshni ("Rose") was offered an internship there, his first shop he could find there to support his family was as a part-time perishables assistant at Woolworth Bentley. He joined in May 2011 and was quickly moved to work as a check-out operator because of his efficiency as well as his outstanding customer service skills.

Gautam worked at the Myer store in Warringah from November 2005 to July 2007 in retail, logistics and customer service. During that period, he received two awards in appreciation for his outstanding hard work. He is still friends with a number of his previous colleagues. The only reason why Gautam left, was to move from NSW to Queensland where he was offered a store manager position at the Nightowl convenience store on Albert Street, Brisbane City.

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